Local SEO mistakes to avoid in 2017


Resolutions? I think most of us have already forgotten about that but when it comes SEO when can`t even think of neglecting it because it will increase the risk of us being trapped. With the rise of social media, Facebook marketing, google adds, several other lower media business are affected. You have to make your website Google top rank so that incomes on the top of search engines.


Don`t fool others and don`t trap yourself as well.


Avoid keyword stuffing

Google always rank those websites first which are very precise about the topic they are describing. Focus on the issues you are given, select keywords and start writing content according to the topic assigned to you. One important thing you want to make the subscribers and customers so make your content and blogs accordingly. Use the keywords as naturally as required, don`t over stuff your content with keywords. Use tools to check the density of keywords.

Write the relevant content

To make your website more secure, avoid posting irrelevant stuff. Don`t become greedy. Have patience, don`t target a bunch of keywords that are unnecessary, if you are writing about gardening, fitness tips and making money that’s enough. Don`t fill your content with information that no one wants to read.

Get reviews

Get reviews from the local people. Leave you to profile and websites link and ask people to review your post. Asking them via email is the most effective method these days because your customer doesn’t have to find the link to your profile, you are leading them right to it. Getting good quality reviews will boost up your website profiles. Although getting a positive review is a slow process, but over time it adds up and will give you a real advantage.

Solve the confusions of your customers

Your job is not defined to the search engines but the users as well. Answer the queries of the clients. A Happy customer means a good review it will increase your value in the search engines.

So stick to all these things and start making your content valuable.

Avoid duplication

Google hates duplicating things. It’s a bad experience for users to see information twice or thrice, and it’s a waste for Google to have duplicate search information.

Make it straightforward and unique for the users to get attracted towards it. Don’t copy the material. If you found any, contact Google to remove them so that they don’t drag down your rankings.

Provide proper contact information:

Check your details on the web page to make sure that you have provided with all the necessary contact information. Search engines don’t want to show incorrect information. Avoid this mistake so that it won’t devastate your credibility.

Make it mobile-optimized. SEO and mobiles go hand in hand. If you haven’t already, make a mobile optimized website to compete in the local search engines.

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