5 Golden Rules for your next content marketing hire

Rule 1: Make sure about what kind of writer you want

Before giving the add or asking  people about hiring a content writer make sure about what kind of content professional writer you really need, there are a lot  of content related jobs and you are basically looking  for a person who fits in your requirements.

Firstly, set up your goals about your company`s web content. Secondly, if you need any help to make a room for a new content writer you can also consult a content strategist.

Content professionals have different fields : marketing, editing, advertising etc and You`re probably not going to have all experiences in a one person so make sure you prioritize according to your goals.

Rule 2: Put their skills to the test

After setting the goals and deciding about the type of professional content writer you need, you have to check for the interests of the hire because rule no 1 comes with an obvious risk: that what happens if the hire never develops interest in your company

So to reduce the risk, put the professional writers to the test. Give them paid assignments that shows what kind of work you really want. For example when you interviewing someone ask them to explain any phenomenon, a person who has experience have ton of researches, can explain you in no time.

Rule 3: Request them for samples

Applicants will always only show their best work, contents and blogs have usually been through an editing process.You as a head always want to see new professional contents.

You can ask the candidates to write a sample during interview, ask them to write anything creative related to your company. Don`t go overboard because you are not paying them for their work and tell them it`s just for the sake of interview you are not going to publish it.

Rule 4: Hire people who have capabilities

Hire those people who have the capabilities of turning boring facts into easy and interesting ones. They take their work as challenge and can achieve anything in their life.

Always call a meeting and ask for the updates and their impressions about the contents and what changes they would like to make it better.

Hire potential new comers to your business and brand who can deliver values, creativity and ideas to your business.

Rule 5:Punctuality

Ask the client for their daily routine work, and make sure they meet your daily requirements.

Punctuality is a key to success hire those new comers who have habit of providing their work in time, because good content writer and punctual person can drastically improve your business and sales.

If the applicant is punctual, it will help is better time management, discipline and it helps to projects and presents your personality positively to others and company.

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